Frequently Asked Questions

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  • VPN/Whitelist accounts must be on the network to see help center


    Customers whom are behind a VPN enabled on their accounts must be on that network in order to access the help center.


    Customers whom have whitelist enabled on their accounts must be on the listed IP in order to access the help center. To have your IP added contact the account admin within your organization.

    If you continue to have issues please contact Ensighten Support Team.

  • This site can't be reached error for


    I am getting an error when trying to access Is the platform down?


    Potential Cause

    To ensure our platform is as secure as possible, on May 12, 2022 we removed support HTTP protocol when accessing our platform, It is now only accessible using HTTPS protocol. Most browsers should handle this automatically, even if an attempt is made from an older link that may have HTTP as the protocol.


    If this issue suddenly occurs after May 12, 2022, while trying to reach the platform login page and your browser does not handle this automatically for any reason, manually change the protocol to HTTPS in the address window.